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What is Private Label School ?

  • PLS by Republic of Sellers is one-of-its kind platform where you can learn everything step-by-step about starting your own Private Label Business.
  • At the moment we are focussing on helping you to launch your own, branded products business online using Amazon's FBA service.
  • I would help you understand step-by-step about everything that you need to do to discover & launch products, scale and market your business & build a customer-centric brand.
  • You would start on Amazon, and eventually build you own store by understand the advanced tactics in this universe.

The Roadmap to Launch

What makes us unique ?

Disruption #1 : Learn without emptying your POCKETS

We have a monthly membership pricing structure, and that will be extremely affordable for anyone across the globe. Every student is unique and our mission is to empower each on of YOU. So by enrolling yourself in PLS you get an opportunity to learn, explore and try while not draining your savings. There will be yearly option as well for people who are non-beginners and/or want to save (25%) and join in.

Monthly Subscription price will be revealed on 20.Feb.2020

Disruption #2 -

The whole system will be designed for students to take action instead of binge watching content. THIS IS NOT NETFLIX. One of the biggest elements of failure for beginners is to information-overload themselves. Which is what eventually leads to analysis paralysis. And that is the last thing I want for my students.

Practice & Doing Leads To Success.

Disruption #3 - Functions Like a REAL School

We plan to host scheduled Live QnA everyweek, group video conferences to improve and promote 2 way commuication amongst all the members. We would also have guest sessions & interviews from experts talking about topics and diving into the deep ends.

We want to become the Go-To School for Drop-OUTS !

Disruption #4 - Our Identity will be Your Success

From the begining our focus will be to have a high admission to success ratio. Do you hear that in any instructors course ? I guess NOT. Coz most courses have a very low student success rate. But success ratio this is going to be our key-performance-metric as a school.

Thats is exactly why I want to accept only 49 students!

Disruption #5 - NO GUESS, Doubts & Prayers

Our product research system is unique and one-of-its-kind. It will condition you to depend on data over any emotional aspects or assumptions and therefore avoid taking any guesswork. This would help you build confidence in every decision and hence secure your investments.

I started with $2500, & built these systems to generate over 270K in revenue in 15 months. 100K in Profits!

Request For Admission

    We respect your privacy. Unsubscribe at any time.

    Only accepting 49 students for Batch 1.

    We are expecting over 200 people in queue. You can HACK Your way to the TOP-49 if you are a True Hustler. The secret to that is in the video above. Watch it till the end.

    Why should you care to learn from (with) me ?

    Let me break this down for you -

    If you are reading this, may be we have not had a deeper connection yet. Or we may not have interacted before across the

    • 100+ videos I have posted on my Youtube Channel 🎬
    • 200+ Posts in my Facebook Group and 🙋‍♂
    • Over a 1000+ statuses I've posted on my Instagram 📸

    But thats cool. You can visit my socials and make a sense of my history in this space. Take you time 👍

    More importantly, you should ask -

    Why Am I bringing this to the Universe ?

    First, this isn't about money. My stores do okay.

    Second, this isn't about me. I know my shit.

    Third, 'coz no one cares enough !

    Yes, that is why. I was sick and tired of people talking about

    • the WRONG things.
    • providing the WRONG definitions
    • spreading the WRONG ideas
    • & burdening students with all the WRONG variables

    I work very simple. I focus on the 20% that matters. I operate with systems that

    1. Minimize the stress elements of running a business.
    2. Minimize the risk of loosing your investment.

    I run LEAN as F:ck ! !

    This goes back to the point that I wanted to have a affordable option for all of the beginners.

    Coz when I started, I could not budget even $500 for accelerating my knowledge. Plus there weren't any legit sources in the market.

    Anyway, I have been running my own thing since late 2017. I started sharing my knowledge on YT & Facebook.

    And in the last 2 years, as I have also grown a bit sharper.

    I realized, no-one really cared to fix any of the WRONG information that is floating around.

    Do You Know - Amazon FBA is NOT A Business Model ?

    Do You Know - When you say "I want to do Amazon FBA !" Its completely incorrect ? Rather its a clear signal of the fact that you do not understand the business model you are getting into

    Do You Know - Its wrong to say "I want to start a shopify business."

    Being deeply involved in & around the communities where people like yourselfs seek information, this struck me hard.

    I found my methods and my thought-process to be very different.

    I felt I had to give back and do something about these mis-alignments.

    I have been puting myself out there and doing my 2 cents to fix this already.

    But now I want to do it at scale.

    Its my mission in 2020, to help 1000 people in any manner.

    This could be one of the ways I can get a few of you to improve your lives.

    Lets fix this this !

    Together !

    For ourselves, and for everyone who is out there trying to hustle and seek the RIGHT Information.

    Lets focus on bringing success to the most.

    Lets focus on building dreams.

    Lets focus on bringing everyone on the front foot as a TEAM!

    If you are still in doubt ? Just stick around.

    Subscribe to my YT, Follow my Insta & Join the Republic of Sellers Group. I will still help you out!

    Until Next Time.


    CEO, Republic of Sellers

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